Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise
A group of amateur actors hilariously tries to stage a musical adaptation of Chekhov's "The Seagull."

From the book writer of Wicked and the composer of Children's Letters to God comes this rollicking, emotion-filled, "slice of life" — about love, fame and the perils of community theatre. Birds of Paradise, a hidden gem of a show, is Winnie Holzman's earliest Off-Broadway work and offers a glimpse into the wit and insight of one of the industry's most clever authors.

The Harbor Island Players is an amateur theatre group whose lives are turned upside down when a down-on-his-luck professional actor offers to direct and star in one of their productions: a musical version of Chekhov's The Sea Gull. As they rehearse, their egos and passions start to mirror the characters that they play. The approach of opening night drives everyone into a fever pitch until a sudden plot twist makes them all reevaluate their choices, both onstage and in life.

Birds of Paradise is self-aware, yet heartfelt, with a tuneful, memorable score and characters whose eccentricities and secret yearnings will delight and surprise the audience. A true ensemble piece, this musical is a perfect choice for groups that are looking to showcase their best talent.



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