The Game of Love

The Game of Love
A thoughtful, romantic musical about the frivolities and foibles of people in love.

From the Tony Award-winning Tom Jones (The Fantasticks) comes the wickedly entertaining story of Vienna's ficklest playboy. The Game of Love weds classical composer, Offenbach, and original music to the wise and witty Anatol by famed Austrian playwright, Arthur Schnitzler, creating a confection as light as a Viennese pastry.

A handsome and experienced late nineteenth-century Viennese man about town, Anatol possesses a fondness for everything female. With the assistance of his wily friend (and our narrator), Max, Anatol partners himself with ladies from affluent to talented to obsessive. He takes quite a wild ride before our hero discovers love is indeed a game with amusing, bemusing rules.

The Game of Love is a wonderful option for rep theatre companies. Its diverse cast makes it a great way to showcase a multitalented group of performers, specifically ladies. If a theatre is producing a male-heavy show at some point in their season, such as The Fantasticks, The Game of Love would be a wonderful counterpoint.



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